Hi all, just wondering what everyone thinks of "professional networking" sites such as and the like? They seem like a pretty valuable tool, especially if your role enables a lot of external networking opportunities - but does anyone actually make any use of them?



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Hello Adam and welcome to the forums!

Yes, people regularly apply social networking sites like LinkedIn for a variety of purposes. I know one employer who no longer bothers with classified or on-line advertising. Instead, the particular person I have in mind simply searches LinkedIn for qualified professionals and recruits them directly.

Although one cannot assume this is a widespread practice, I was (personally) surprised by the practice.

I will let others chime in on how they apply LinkedIn for building and maintaining networks. PM me your email address and I can send you a list of books on the topic that I have read. Also you may refer to the Building a Network cast.

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I think LinkedIn is a great way to keep in touch with people who you meet at various events. I rarely connect with someone I haven't met in person or at least had detailed discussions with online.

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It's good too for finding people that you didn't keep in touch with, but would like too.  I check for coworkers from former employers regularly.  It makes the keep in touch step easier too, I think since you can check out their profile, especially if they are using their status updates.

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