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I'm a new member of forums.

I've been listening to the Podcasts for only about 3 weeks and have found them to be informative and exciting.

Right now I am in my ready, aim, aim, aim mode.  I am hoping to pull the trigger in the new year - pending the OK of my Boss.

I've been working in Academic Libraries since 1991.

I have been a Professional Technical Services Librarian with my MLS since 1994.

I've been a manager since 1998.

My Boss recently challenged me to be a better manager, despite getting good reviews over the years with my front line Directs - I have recently started supervising another Professional Librarian.

I hope to start rolling out the Trinity in 2013 - slowly.  Especially since most of my directs have been working with me for several years and seem to have been happy with my performance as a manager, they may be jarred with a sudden change in my behavior.

Right now, none of my Directs are poor performers and I want to keep it that way.

Thanks for any support and advice.

 I hope any insights I may have to share will also be helpful.

T. Puccio