Have a question. I was walking a couple of days ago listening to the staff (team) meeting podcast. One of you, Mike or Mark, made a comment that ten hours a week could be saved in meetings if the ideas you were discussing were implemented. After listening to the podcast I agreed.

The almost throw away comment that hit me though was it would be almost a day saved, thinking of a fourteen hour day. Did you mean a fourteen hour work day? Were you tacking on commute times in that figure? Did you miss-state the hours you were talking about? I know we have to work harder these days to stay up with a global economy, but that seemed extreme to me. So, I guess I'm just pushing back a little. I probably put in around 55 hours/week and that gives me time for a life outside my work. Perhaps this is talked about on another topic in another forum, I just thought I'd start one here.

So, what do you think?



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A similar discussion about work hours was held [url=]here[/url]. I don't work 14 hour days...I've pulled a couple that came close, but they were wrapped around tight deadlines and my mis-management of my time (oh when the fire-fighting wins out, I lose).

I don't think I heard this particular podcast yet, so I'm not clear on the context, I'm sorry. I look forward to hearing more about it, though.

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So, last night I get a phone call from one of my direct reports stating she can't make her 8/25 deadline on a project we are working on. I basically said that was not an option.

So, you know what that means? Yes, fourteen hour days for awhile!

So much for a life.