My team and I have developed a new manufacturing process on a pilot line which is making and shipping product to customers. I have been asked to transfer this entire product line (pilot line operations, supply chain, and three key employees) to the manufacturing manager. I am looking for advice leading my team through this transition as well getting the manufacturing manager up to speed.

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Transition is scary. Doubly so to the employee who does not control the process – be inclusive and over communicate. Let the team know the parameters and reach consensus if possible on the best way to get there using their expertise.

One of MH rules concerns water getting to the ocean – be open to alternatives that end in the place you want to be. Introducing and monitoring KPI’s allows the team to check their own progress. While not changing the outcome, the team feel part of the process and will actively help you through the transition.
As an aside, the team hopefully step up a level and will assist the manufacturing manger in the new process.