Hi everyone!
I'm a French student in a master's degree of Work, Organizational and Personel Psychology.
I am currently doing a master's thesis about the factors which can influence the leadership' style managers adopt, and their performances as managers.
For this study, I've created a questionnaire online. I need participants, only managers (we consider as manager everyone who supervises the work of another person). The questionnaire lasts about 20 minutes, it's absolutely anonymous, and the answers will be handled only by me and my thesis' supervisor.
My questionnaire is only in french. For those of you who speak french, it would be very cool if you could participate and answer the questionnaire.
For this, follow this link:

You can ask me every question you sang about the study. Of course, I will inform you about the general results at the end, and if my hypothesis are confirmed.
I really need your help for this study. I need 30 more participants to have a sample of managers big enough to do the statistical analysis, and to conduct a real research. This project is very important for me.

Thank you very much for your help :)

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You could try asking at as well.

Good luck!