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Greetings everyone. I looked through the list to see if I had posted a bio earlier.

I have been listening for a year. I just started a new job 7 weeks ago. Driving the 2 hours to and from home is made better by having Mark and Mike on the iPOD.

I used the "how to resign" series and it made my governing body more willing to have me leave. It made leaving easier for both of us. (I fired a department head and she ran for and was elected to the governing body. In the public side, you can't pick your boss.) This stuff works!

I live in Kansas and work for a community of 3,000. I am originally from California. BA came from San Jose State and an MPA from University of Puget Sound.

I have 2 kids, both graduated from college as Technical Writers. My wife works as an office manager for a private home health agency.

When I retire, I want to consult in the municipal arena.

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Welcome Larry - I'm an ex Public Servant myself (now working for a non profit). A 2 hour commute each way :shock: I don't know how so many of you do it (and I know a lot do)
I used to have a 1/2 hour drive that perfectly fitted MT. Now I have a 20 minute walk.

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Hey Larry. Glad to see you on the forums.

And glad the transition went well.