Hi Mark and Mike

I downloaded your premium interview series which is truly excellent!

Couple of questions:

Any tips on interviews with a large panel 5-8 people?

When you know the current director in the job you are going to interview for is 60+ male - and you're a 30 something woman (sorry you may need a bit of imagination there!!) Asking recruiters to see a completely different person doing this job. Any thoughts or tips on helping to do this?

Thanks again for an amazing public service you are providing - I met a fellow fan over here in Europe this morning and we had a coffee and croissant comparing some of our favourite casts!


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First, panels are easy (though stupid). Start your answer making eye contact with the person who asked the question, and then make eye contact with most if not all of the other members, before ending your answer by making eye contact with the questioner.

Other than that, no different.

No tips on the gender/age gap. If they're bigoted, nothing you can do about it, if they're not, the danger is in not being yourself (see Horstman's Wager podcast).

Thanks for the kind words. We do it for you, and it's a privilege to serve you.