I've only been listening for a few months and trying to rapidly paying catch up. I've just listened to the podcasts on brainstorming from 2006 and in it and others it's said a serious of DISC podcasts are coming (beyond the first batch), but there doesn't seem to be many.

Is this something that never happened or did you guys change your mind? (I'm mindful you've just done on on high Cs and have asked for ideas for a new series, but it seems a little late compared to what you've been talking about for ages).

I loved the initial series and I had my entire team to the tests and I've found that it's improved things dramatically. I'm therefore keen to see more on this topic.


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We've done a number of podcasts on DISC ... check here:

Have you seen all those?

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I would say there's a good bunch of Disc cast's out there, however it's a very interesting topic and with the "high C" cast hitting me right in the face, i would love to see more stuff on Disc.

Thanks a lot for the hard work you guys put into this, it changes the world for people willing to learn!

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Mads Sorensen

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Hi Mike

Yes I have; it seems that listening to other random order podcasts you guys often talk about doing more about X or Y regarding DISC, but there are only ~15 including the key basics one. I guess I'd assumed there would be more. It's not a criticism, just an observation and maybe because I'm listening to your back catalogue out of sequence.

I'm only asking as I've gained so much through these and the other casts and find it interesting how it makes such a difference. I credit a lot of my personal development to your podcasts and add on content you provide through the premium offer.

At the very least, I vote for more DISC podcasts :-)


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I could be wrong (it's happened!) but I seem to recall mention of a future premium series on DiSC, similar to the Interview Series. Possibly that's what G is thinking of?

Rick Measham

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One thing I haven't seen mentioned is how to use DISC with our directs, in this sense: would it be a good idea to ask each of my Directs to do the online DISC profile, and if they felt comfortable, send me the results (I would send them my results as well). That seems to be the most direct way to take advantage of DISC, but it might also make people uncomfortable. Thoughts?

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You might check out these two previous conversations:

Note:  in those conversations, "cedwat" is the guy who does the French Manager Tools podcasts ...

John Hack

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I find that almost all the podcasts have a common thread of utilizing the DISC profile for effective performance. It's not that they are titled that way, but they are all about effective behaviors, and I can only do about 25% of those as "second nature" (OK, 26% because I'm exceptional). The other ones I have to work at including in my repertoire. I'll include a conversation on the forums that I had when I was trying to decide what to do with DISC and our nurses:

I did facilitate this meeting myself, but I also broke up the nurses into groups and had all of them learn and report on the different profiles. I made sure that we discussed mutual respect, not preferring a certain profile, but looking at this as true cultural competence. We talked about the perspective  (I share) that DISC is not a personality profile, but an indication of how we behave before we think about HOW we want to behave. It worked for me, but I did take the forum posts seriously and planned for it very carefully. I was scared to venture in by myself and I think that was wise.

I do think that the MOST important thing continues to be keeping this information in front of them in our everyday discussions and interactions.  I was careful to make sure that it had (and has) a purpose for the interactions between management and directs, peer interactions, and client interactions. It's also not done yet. We will be improving forever. Every day is a new challenge (darn).

One example: We do maternal and child home health visits. We were able to really discuss how to pick up cues on introductory visits and phone calls to tailor our goals to the client's needs. i.e. if a new Mom has a list of feeding times and amounts that is 4 pages long you should be able to pick up that she is probably a high "C" and tailor your initial conversations to include nitty-gritty details about taking care of that new baby. If she bursts into tears at the door she probably has high "S" tendencies and you better discuss FIRST about family adjustment.

I know that this is specific to my work practice, but my point is that this is not a gimmick (and this is what your directs will immediately think it is). It is another everyday, boring, effective behavior that is hard to keep up. Start with yourself and expand from there. Good luck!


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Thanks for the comments. I might try introducing this topic in our next in-person group meeting (four of my five directs are remote).