BLUF - Is knowingly exposing oneself to COVID a fireable offense?

One of my direct reports, and a top performer, is in quarantine after having been exposed to COVID. Having exhibited no symptoms and having a negative test, the individual has continued to visit their family member that has the virus. 

The direct has stated repeatedly that they prefer to work from home.

The direct is effective and gets results from home. The role requires periodic travel and face to face communications. Those two requirements can not be met remotely, nor completed because of corporate policy to follow CDC guidelines for quarantine.

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I have no expertise here but it is an interesting question and I will venture an opinion. I assume that it is not a fireable offense. Firstly you can never be sure of their "guilt" e.g. they can easily say they washed hands, wore a mask, kept distance. You can't even be certain that was the instance where they caught it - they could have caught it at work and had symptoms later. Secondly there are many new or re-interpreted regulations out there to protect employees. Have a look at this news article where I think it was more extreme than your case - an employee (waiter) went to a party, was infected, and caused a two week shutdown of the restaurant. I don't think you really want to be the subject of the next article.

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I agree that, you can never be sure of their guilt they can easily say they washed hands, wore a mask, kept distance.