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Hey everyone, I was recently promoted to General Manager, overseeing 8 different departments (up from 4). I am quickly realizing my capacity for organization needs to change. Stuff that I could keep in my head and the to-do system I have developed doesn’t scale well. Maybe it is just the initial overload of information, but I was wondering how other higher-level executives keep their task lists and deliverables for multiple departments.
Any tools or tactics that you find useful, especially if you have recently made this kind of jump, would be helpful!

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First, congratulations on the promotion!

I have found that OmniFocus is an extremely flexible tool for tracking and follow up. 

I would also recommend Getting Things Done (GTD) as a companion. This method includes things like getting everything into a system that you trust so you're not carrying it all around in your head and weekly reviews as a way to maintain the system. 

I'm one of the folks that enjoy tweaking my systems (maybe too much) so feel free to reach out if want to discuss in more detail. 

Best of luck!