All:  Recently, the CIO approached me as a manager and asked if I had thought of changing the title of one of my directs to Manager.  He felt  that based on our job duties that it was easier to justify changing my title to director and the supervisor to manager.  It's just one thing..I'm really struggling trying to justify why my title should chane to director.  I currently manage a team of 40 people along with overall responsibilities for a $9MM budget.  Any thoughts on how best to justify a title change from manager to supervisor?  Thanks.

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Hi DrM, is there a recent position description/ job description that shows a clear increase in responsibilities/ accountabilities to justify the change?  Is there also a remuneration increase or just a title change? Also, is this something that is being looked at across the organisation to bring duties/titles on par with each other? Or just a bug bear for the CIO?