All:  Recently, the CIO approached me as a manager and asked if I had thought of changing the title of one of my directs to Manager.  He felt  that based on our job duties that it was easier to justify changing my title to director and the supervisor to manager.  It's just one thing..I'm really struggling trying to justify why my title should chane to director.  I currently manage a team of 40 people along with overall responsibilities for a $9MM budget.  Any thoughts on how best to justify a title change from manager to supervisor?  Thanks.

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Are you all getting a promotion? Seems like you're going to director and your supervisor is going to Manager. Seems about right. A manager shouldn't really have 40 people - that's a director level position.

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If the CIO is the one suggesting it why are you trying to develop justification? It sounds like he is on board.  Who are you trying to convince?

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Generally speaking, a director manages managers who manage individual contributors. If your DR is getting bumped to Manager, it would stand to reason that you would become Director. That said, it's generally odd to have a Director with only a single manager. With 40 individual contributors, I'd expect there to be at least four managers with you as the director working with the four managers of the contributors.

Go for it!

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Technically, I would end up with 4 managers.  Everything that everyone stated is true. Yes, typically I should be a manager.   I think our CIO is looking for ammo because  our organization usually has a different expectation for the "director" title.