One of my web team members did a great job of redesigning one of our particular intranet pages. I had just listened the to original Feedback podcast last week, so I thought, this would be a great time to start using the model.

I followed the four steps...stumbled a bit (didn't initially start the second step with "When you..." but said "I like..."). I also inadvertently paused before step four and my direct said, "But....?"

This threw me.....she then clarified, "I'm waiting for a 'but'..."

It then hit me [i]she was expecting negative feedback[/i]! Clearly I need to work on giving feedback to reinforce behavior in addition to providing corrective feedback!


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Good job, Michael! And nice way to start dispelling the "Complibut Syndrome" she has obviously come to expect.

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As M&M say in the cast, if you think you have good communications with your team, just ask one of them if you can give 'em some feedback. Their response will tell you exactly where you are.

Your direct expected the but. This time. Next time she might not.

Good job! (And don't forget the O3s. They're critical to the process.)

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I'm really looking forward the harnessing the power of the O3s. I can see how valuable the O3s are, especially for introverted managers like myself promoted from a programming position.

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Awesome! Congratulations on your first time out.

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Feels good, doesn't it.

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That's awesome Michael. The first one's tough but they get easier. There's nothing wrong with practicing before you deliver.

Keep it up!

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I recently did it for the first time, too. I have no direct reports but I do have one indirect. I prefer to think of her as a co-worker - I report in to our director on the project and this person comes to me, but I think that's more coincidence rather than 'reporting.'

I've felt uncomfortable delivering feedback to this position in the past (it seemed weird to switch to doing this with a 'coworker', but a new person recently started in the position and has been doing a great job. I figured this was a good opportunity to introduce feedback in a positive way.

It went surprisingly well! I guess we must have a fairly good working relationship, as the only reaction I got was at the end, which was one of slight embarrassment for me praising her. No negativity at all.

Now I have to work on doing this regularly (I also started O3s with her, which should help - 15min/15min structure as I'm not responsible for her professional development)