With 3 large hats to wear, and other balls in the air, how do I go about organising my calendar to be time efficient? And more to the point, how do I give enough attention to the big balls to do them well?

I know the devil is in the detail, but...

The Juggling Koan tells us what to do with a new big ball. Great, got that. I have great people to delegate to.

However, I cant easily reconcile the juggling cast with the Time Management cast, which says the best executives do one thing really well. Truly excellent executives can do two things. I get the guidelines for time analysis and putting my priorities on the calendar, and am now getting on much better than I would be.

Beyond just getting my head down and getting on with it - any suggestions?

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Read David Allen's "Getting Thing's Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity." It's beyond amazing. It's on the MT suggested reading list.

Coincidentally, I'm reading it now. Just yesterday, I made a giant to-do list to get all my projects out of my brain - things at work and at home. Today, I crossed off about seven things around the house that had been bothering me for the longest time because I never stopped to ponder 1) what a successful outcome looks like, and 2) what the next action is.


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Second the motion! I found GTD to be life changing. David Allen says it takes two years of practicing GTD before it gets fully integrated in your life, and my experience says he knows what he's talking about. You will get some immediate big wins, but working with it until it becomes automatic is when the real payoff starts. I'm not entirely there yet, but close enough that I have a clue what it will be like when I am.