BLUF: I am seeking guidance, advice or any comments on how I improve my professional judgement and EQ. 

I have recently joined a global consulting organisation as a director after professionally developing in a number of professional services organizations. I am 36.

It came as a large shock during my mid year feedback session that what I believed was an excellent 5 months was in fact rather average. I have received no feedback in this time although I have regularly asked for it. As further background the organisation is poor at giving feedback and very judgemental- this is widely acknowledged at all levels.

The specific feedback I received was I needed to slow down, listen more and change my communication style as it it seen as abrupt.  No specific examples were given. In addition I had received some very strong client feedback (written) which praised my leadership and ability to perform in a very challenging environment. this was not acknowledged at all. Furthermore I have leave a recognition programme beig developed at my organisation and developed a forum for my peers which has been widely praised.

I am very keen to listen learn and grow. Is there any advice, comments, question or books the community wants to highlight to me.


'Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.'