Hi all,

Just joined today. Still haven't checked out everthing, but I'm sure alot of good stuff here.

I graduated in Hong Kong with civil engineering background. After University, I worked for 2 years in Engineering, 1 year in financial sales and 0.5 year in financial research. Last year, I found my favourite career and industry as a Market Analyst in a mid-size FMCG. It is good to be clear my career and working hard toward it. Tired with company politics before, but now realise that I should deal with it. MT and some business books will help me.

The book I recently bought is "Writing Tools" by Roy Peter Clark. Very nice written and useful.

BTW, I love judo, good for release pressure.


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Welcome aboard.

There is definitely a lot of excellent information here. Start with the early podcasts, they're the foundation for everything else.

Oh, and participate. Nothing like putting it on the line to make you think. :)

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Welcome to the forums Tonys. I wasn't familiar with the acronym FMCG until I read your post (and googled it). Thanks!

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Welcome aboard! I love Hong Kong, and am terribly envious. I may try to visit there when we come to Australia.

Glad you're here.


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Tks all for the warm welcome.

Dave: Sorry, I was just lazy, you know FMCG is just 4 letters, compared to consumer goods.

Mark: Yeah, you should, but don't come in Summer. The temp now is 33 degree and humidity is over 90%. Sure you won't enjoy it :lol: