Huhzah! The end of a long, frustrating job search. The word "overqualified" is as overused and misunderstood as "love".

One question, though. The verbal offer came Tues night (Sept 10th: Location, Salary, Decision Deadline, and Start Date), and my written offer with details was promised to be mailed soon there after.

It's now Sept 18th, and no letter. I've called the HR contact to let her know I've not gotten the letter yet, because she needs the information ASAP. I told the voicemail that i'm still super excited about the offer, and excited that i've accepted. I'm just anxious to get this wrapped up. Regardless, i'm showing up at the place Sept 30.

Any encouragement would be outstanding!

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Congratulations on the offer. Always nice to see hard work paying off. Good luck in your new position.

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So the update is; I received the written offer 4 hours after posting this. I'm a recovering worry addict.

I turned the offer paperwork around in about 18 hours. I felt like I was taking my drug test on all my problems this morning!

And thank you for your congratulations. I've been dealing with some very unprofessional people that aren't understanding that I don't get to choose how long my contracts have lasted. Ah, full time work; i've missed you.


"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed." - Theodore Roosevelt

"Public opinion is a weak tyrant to that of private thought." HD Thoreau 

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This is outstanding news - so glad to hear of your success. Just one more week to stay frosty and professional and head out the door with a smile on your face... :-)

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 Congrats and all the best in the new role!