Greetings all,

I've posted a couple of times, but figured it was time to formally post an intro here.

I discovered Manager Tools in October, shortly after I found my job eliminated along with the rest of my department (Nope I didn't lose my job, I know right where it went :) ). I'd seen an email about free PDUs (important to PMPs) and was downloading my first ever podcast. That podcast (The Project Manager Podcast), had Manager Tools listed as another cast that people who listened to PM Podcast also listented too.

Well four months later I've listened to about 80% of all the podcasts (some of them more than once) and I started a new job last week. I give Manager Tools a lot of the credit for my new state of being and am definately a convert.

I'm a certified project manager who spent the last eight years working in global support organzations. I'm not a program manager in a small, start up like, division of 35000 person company that is a wholly owned subsidary of a multi hundred thousand person company.

I've got my work cut out for me, balancing a group that was a start up and now part of a huge process driven company. But I've got Manager Tools in my back pocket. Tomorrow I start scheduling Internal Customer Interviews. 


Joel Bancroft-Connors 

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 Good to see you on the forums.  A lot of us find these conversations a great way to hone our skills, and be part of a larger conversation.  

and congratulations on your feet-first landing...

John Hack

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Welcome ... great having you here!

Best Regards,