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Hi Everyone,

I am looking for any guidance/advice you could give on the digital interview service as well as what MT Interview Series resources to focus on for a digital screening interview.

Last Thursday, I applied for a project manager assignment with my current company that opened up three days earlier. (I've successfully led projects before, but up to this point I have been assigned as the lead without having to interview.) Today, I received a digital interview invitation for the position via From my initial research on this service, you receive the interview questions via a dialog box and respond via your webcam within a set amount of time without any human interaction; practice questions are provided before you begin the official interview.

Does anyone have any background knowledge or experience with using this app? Also, what MT resources should I focus on for this screening interview? I just purchased the MT Interviewing Series last Thursday and plan to listen to the MT guidance on Skype interviews.

Thanks in advance!


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Well done on securing the next stage, you're right to get into the Skype podcast, it'll help a lot.

May be worth looking at Glassdoor and see if you can prean some of the potential interview questions and start formulating your responses.

Another thought, get some practice and record yourself. What you see and hear when you play it back it what they'll see when they review your submission


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Thanks, Tim, for the suggestion to research the questions via Google and Glassdoor.  I'll look into that tonight.

I was able to speak with a colleague who interviewed via the same site a few months ago.  She reported that she was given about 30 seconds think time for each question but only 2 minutes for a response.  Most of the questions were behavioral--tell me about yourself and significant accomplishment. So I think the MT Skype and Interview Series casts will help a lot.

She also mentioned that one of the final questions was "Do you think this was an effective way to get a sense of who you are?"  She reported that she answered NO, and I inwardly cringed.  I think my response will be more along the lines of "I think this is a good introduction to who I am and what I can bring to the position, but I also want to be able to meet face to face to discuss the position and my skills in more detail."

Fingers crossed as I prepare and practice,



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It's Saturday afternoon (lunchtime), and I just completed my interview and wanted to post some takeaways for anyone who has to complete a digital interview on that site in the future.


  • The MT casts on Skype interviews give solid guidance for digital interviews like this.  I evaluated and modified my planned interviewing "space" and practiced with my webcam to make sure I was looking into the lens.
  • The MT Interview Series content fully prepares you for any interview, including this one.  Enough said. :)


  • There are practice questions to help you become familiar with the digital recording experience and give you practice answering questions.  You are given 30 seconds to prepare, 3 minutes to respond; you can review the practice recordings after completion and complete them multiple times.  After each review, the practice recording is deleted. I'm not sure if these questions are decided on by or the interviewing company; my 3 practice questions comprised of one tell me about your experience and two accomplishment questions, and neither type of questions appeared in the actual interview. :(
  • Once you start the official interview, you will receive prep time for each question; it can range from 30 seconds to unlimited. For any prep time with a time limit, you will see a progress bar indicator that also include a numeric countdown.  (I had 30 seconds to prep for some video questions, unlimited for others.)  Once prep time is over, you will see a 3-2-1 countdown on the video window so you know when to start talking.
  • The questions can require either video or written responses.  I had 3 minutes of "airtime" for my video responses; I'm not sure if companies can opt for longer response times. For my written responses (which were about compensation, have I worked for a competitor, why do I want to pursue this new position), I had unlimited time to complete but had to stay within s certain number of characters in my text responses.
  • Just as in real life, you have ONE chance to make a great impression--you don't get to rerecord any video responses, and you can't go back and revise any written responses.
  • If you are logged off, you are returned to the initial login page.  The interview will resume with the question you had been working on at the time of interruption.  Any information already recorded for that question will need to be completed again. I was logged off on my written response to a salary question, so I had to retype my answer.
  • You will receive behavioral questions during the official interview; they just won't be the same as the practice questions.  Again, I can't reiterate how important it is to follow MT's guidance in the Interview Series. I received questions on what my leadership skills are, why do I want this job, what experience do I have in a similar job, what did I know about the company/why I was interested in a job with the company.  Half of the questions had 30 seconds of prep time, the other half had unlimited; but all of them required me to give only a 3 minute answer.
  • You may receive questions on compensation and willingness to travel, which don't seem in line with the purpose of a screening interview, but it's up to the company.


  • Keep practicing all of the behavioral questions and leadership style questions.  There wasn't a lot of that in this interview, so when I make it to the next interview, I NEED to be ready.
  • Use the MT Interview Creation Tool to create mock interview questionnaires for the position and practice my answers.  I'm interviewing with my own company for the same job--Project Manager--but with a new assignment. I know what they're looking for in STACs (Skills, Traits, Abilities, Characteristics) from the posted job description and my own work experience, so I can give myself even more preparation with behavioral and STAC questions that didn't show up today.  I already created one questionnaire and might create another so I have a few other questions to practice.
  • Cross my fingers that the second interview is face to face and AFTER July 18th.  I feel pretty good about today, but I want enough time for practice and refinement to be better in the follow up interview.  I might be a little competitive... :)




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Hey nicole, thanks for the detailed post. I'm also looking for some information on HireVue digital interviewing, and found this post to be the best source so far. I would like to know about some other features. I recently had a HireVue interview for an internship position I applied for. The company offered unlimited retries in the main interview section. For each of the questions, I had to make numerous recordings before submitting the final version. My question is, will all these versions be visible/considered? Nothing about this has been specified... any idea plase?

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Hirevue can't be compared to preparing for a Skype interview. don't forget that in the back of the interview is all the artificial intelligence that's ranking several things about your performance. These are your word choice your facial expressions and your inspection. The word choice should be intentional. You should have some takeaways in your response about your strengths as they relate to what you're talking about so that you maximize the proximity of your word and satisfy the algorithm. He'll get a higher ranking.