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This is a good idea. The best forums I've participated in are the ones in which people actually come to know one another.

I'm 27 and married with a 6-month old daughter. After receiving my Bachelor's Degree I spent roughly 4 years working for my alma mater in fund raising and community relations while I earned an MBA.

In March of 2006 I made the move to the corporate sector by accepting a role in product management with a large mining equipment manufacturer. I have no direct reports in my current role although I have in the past managed a 25 person call-center and done some project management.

I've been a MT listener since May 2006 and have been thoroughly impacted by what I've learned. I've dedicated myself to reading and learning because I feel that my greatest contribution to an organization will be in leading and helping others achieve their greatest level of effectiveness.

MT is a great place whether you're managing others, yourself or just trying to prepare for the future. Thanks for the great discussion.

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6 months old? are you getting any sleep yet?

I have three little ones of my own and it is a handful.

Welcome aboard. Glad to have you as part of the MT community.

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Last night not withstanding, we have a great baby. Happy, healthy and as low-maintenance as a 6-month old can be. Thanks for the warm welcome.