Hello MT/CT Community!

I was shopping around the forum for the most appropriate place to post and this seemed like the right one so I thought I'd combine a thank you and introduction.

My name is John Brownell.  I recently completed graduate school and entered the professional world.  I just started a job in accounting with a fantastic non profit focused on early childhood education located in Boston.  My long term career goal is to work at the executive level in the non profit industry bringing critical thinking, pragmatism and rigor to a field so often guided by passion and emotion.  I listened to your podcasts to complement my education which focused on the technical.  While technical things are great (I'm a 6-1-2-7) I recognize the need to improve the 'softer' side of things and what a great aspect of being human to learn from the experience (mistakes) of others!

What prompted me to post was an encounter that I had recently on the job.  I've been trying to incorporate some of the lessons that I've learned from not only the podcasts but also recommended books.  I feel like I've sent so many thank you notes that even my mom, a veteran fan of thank you notes, would be satisfied.  I make it a point to spend some part of my day talking to people in the office, especially the ones that aren't in my department.  I plan time to build relationships (I'm a high C so I get to schedule these things).  But the amusing thing that happened was several days into my job and many thank yous, questions and apologies later a new friend at the office sent me an e-mail insisting that I share my professional tips because she's never seen anyone act this way on a job especially right from the start.  Meanwhile I think that all I'm doing is saying thank you and I'm sorry, in person and in writing.

Although it's likely not as amusing to you as it was to me I hope that my anecdote conveys my appreciation for all the hard work that goes into MT/CT.  I also hope it highlights the power of seemingly simple recommendations.

Sincerely Thankful,


PS I actually use the thank you note format but elected not to in this case.

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