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Hi All,

I would appreciate recommendations on interview questions to suss out what the interviewee has accomplished. The position is a peer role, both of us reporting to the same manager. 

I have several behavioral questions prepared to determine capabilities against the job requirements. And in addition I want to find out, has this guy done anything beyond fulfillment of basic job responsibilities. 

There's no measurement, nothing that I could ID as an achievement, on his verbose 11 page resume. All bullets of redundant job responsibilities from his 23 years of IT experience. Half a page for a 5 month gig, that's a sample of what I'm dealing with. 

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 No need, just finished the interview and his answers were as vague and rambling and full of nothingness as was his resume. I asked "Give me an example of a significant accomplishment that you are particularly proud of" (blah answer) and then, asked him to walk me through one bullet about providing leadership in resolution ..., and he said nothing about leadership, people, or resolution. 

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I like you question. It's one I've started using when I'm asked by another manager to interview a candidate with no preparation, or recently when I was interviewing a student to fill an intern position. The last candidate didn't have much work history, but asking the "Tell me about your most significant accomplishment..." question ... Wow! Tons of stuff that wasn't on the resume to probe about that revealed delegation, customer service, conflict resolution, planning, dealing with last minute changes to a big project. She's going to get the job.