Good Afternoon,

I am in the early stages of interviewing for a new job. I've submitted several applications and have started hearing back from potential companies. One of the companies I am most excited about (interesting portfolio of work, great fit for my experience) has some troubling reviews on glassdoor ( These reviews, while mostly a few years old, seem to imply this company isn't a great place to work if you aren't a Christian White Man.

I can definitely brush off one or two of those reviews as a disgruntled former employee, but there are several. And looking at the leadership portfolios on their website, I can kind of see where they are coming from. I work in tech, which is generally less diverse than other fields so I am not totally shocked by their demographics - but it is still nagging at me.

I know "until I have an offer, I have nothing." But I am wondering when is it an appropriate time (if any) to ask about these reviews?

Interested in any thoughts you may have.