What to do when the interviewer sums up the interview with most of the things I was going to use to Close myself, but still tells me he will call me?

At the end of the interview, my interviewer sumed up why I would be good for the position, highlighting the things I would have in MY Close. I took that as my cue to close, so I said something like this, "...that is why I want the offer, and I would also add ...(2 more of my relevant strengths). So having said that, were do we go from here?"

He answered that he was still going to interview someone else and wait for the results of the psychometric tests they gave me, which I answered those as honestly as I'm conscious of.

I guess I will have to wait for the week or 2 he said to get any news about an offer. I sent my thank you letters to the 2 people I interviewed that same day after the interview. However, I'm not sure where to go from here and if I handled the close well. Any advice?



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Weekly follow ups with this recruiter are key (two weeks can become four easily - as a hiring manager, I know!)

And, until you got something, you got nothin'. So keep networking, keep writing those cover letters, schedule more interviews, and stay in the game.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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Hi David,

[b]The Close[/b]
I think the content of the close is why you are interested in the offer, not why they should be interested in you. Whenever I have closed the interview it has sounded like this:

"I would like a job offer from your company because
[b](1)[/b] I get to do the tasks I like,
[b](2)[/b] I will easily be able to have a smile on my face when I work overtime at midnight, because I know I can be proud of this company,
[b](3)[/b] the international possibilities for me are huge here,
[b](4)[/b] the work environment suits me great."

The goals with the close are show both my motivation and attitude towards an employer. This has so far worked both times, and will know about the third one on Monday.

[b]After the Interview[/b]
Now, after the interview I would wait two weeks and one day, and the follow up, as suggested in the podcasts, with a phone call. It's a good sign that he summed up your strengths, in the end, that just reinforces them in his mind.

Good luck, and let us know how it works out!

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It sounds like you did fine. You know more of the details of the situation than anyone here, unless one of us happens to be the recruiter. :)

I also agree about the weekly contact. Don't wait two weeks. If the recruiter said a week or two, call after a week. If he says he doesn't know yet, that's fine. You're letting him know you're interested. I once hired an intern pretty much just because he dogged me. (I hadn't really planned an intern for that time.) It turned out that he was the best intern I ever had. I thought about hiring him away from college but my better side prevailed.

The point of that tangent being that persistence is attractive. It shows heart. It shows interest. It shows tenacity. It shows you off really well.

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Don't sweat what has already passed. You did fine. You showed great courage in doing the close.

When you call the recruiter back after one week. Close by telling them why [u]you[/u] want the job. Because your excited about the new opportunity, because you love chance to make a difference in x industry, what ever [u]your[/u] reasons are. Tell them.

Best wishes. Let us know!!


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Thank you all for your advice. I agree that the follow up is very important. I believe that is one of the reasons why I got my present job.

I'll post any news that come up.

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I've had similar situations and some advice I received one time seems to work fairly well in that situation. A final closing statement like "I know I can do this job, and I look forward to the opportunity" can be a concise closing statement that shows understanding, respect and interest.

I agree with others in the "what do I do now?" category. Follow up, and keep Horstman's 1st law of interviewing in ming: you have nothing until you have an offer. That is, you haven't closed until you've closed.

Good luck, and have a great day!

- Chris

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The close involves telling them specifically WHY you are excited about the opportunity AND telling them that you want an offer.

"I look forward to the opportunity" isn't a close. "I want an offer" is.


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[quote]"I look forward to the opportunity" isn't a close. [/quote] In the UK that's practically begging for an offer. :lol:

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i guess its in the eye of the beheld, then... i appreciate the extension, john, and the alternate perspective, donnachie.

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After 2 weeks of wait, I'm running up against someone who could be promoted for the job I'm applying for. Is there anything I can do to tilt the scale in my favor?

Quick summary: Originally I was told that I would know of the hiring decision about 2 weeks after the interview. After the first week, I called and the HR manager told me that she liked the interest I showed and repeated that I am a good candidate under consideration. She told me to check in a week because the hiring manager was out of the office and would return the following week. When the second week arrived, I called again and was given a similar answer. This time, I asked her what were my real posibilities and she told me that they are considering promoting someone that already works there, but that I'm still in the game. If they choose him over me, there is another role available that also attracts me, but would be my second option if it was up to me to decide.

They will be making the decision this next week. I was told that I would know on Tuesday. It's crunch time.

I would appreciate your advice about how to get ahead of the internal promotion candidate. Getting the other role would also be an interesting alternative to get my foot in the door. Thanks in advanced for your advice.

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As M&M say, until you've got something you've got nothing. :) You've already interviewed. you've already sent your thank you cards. You've already made your regularly scheduled calls. I suppose you could try another thank you card for the additional information. And certainly continue with the calls.

Oh, and keep looking for other opportunities. :wink:

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To put a close to this story, I will share with you that I GOT THE OFFER!

To add a little more detail, following up on my previous post, where I was running up against an internal person that would be promoted, they have decided to use both of us. There where 2 positions available, I was picked for the one I was interested in.

The only thing left to do is express my gratitude to Mark and Mike, for the podcast and the incredibly good and practical advice. And to all those others who shared their advice and good wishes, many thanks as well.

I will be accepting the offer. As the new challenges of this new role come around, I will probably continue to ask for advice from the forum. Until then.


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Great and Happy ending. Congratulations. Looks like more and more companies look for internal opportunities to promote people at the half way during selection process. I am glad you made it.

All the very best.

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Congratulations ... as always, thrilled we could help in a small way.

Keep us posted on the challenges and victories of the the new position!

best regards,