With only a few hours to prepare for an interview, I feel it went much better than it otherwise would have thanks to my purchase of the interviewing series. So, thanks! 

As is common, in NZ at least, I was interviewed by three people - the finance/hiring manager, the HR manager and the current holder of the role I was interviewing for (he is a contractor and theyre hiring someone permanent). 

I intend to follow up.. But who to? They will all have input into the decision but I'm not sure if I should follow up with all three in case it looks odd. I also feel pitting all their names on a thank you note will weaken its impact somewhat. 

I am thinking just the hiring manager? 



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 Send a separate thank you note to each person. Try to personalize each message if you can.

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If you haven't done so already, listen to the casts on how to write a thank you note.
If you interviewed with three people, you will send each of them a thank you and personalize each of the notes to something dealing with that individual.
Easier than it seems and goes a long way towards building goodwill with them.