Any advice would be appreciated on an issue I am having with a potential employer.

They want to schedule a 2nd interview, but it conflicts with my own time schedule.  They are being absolutely rigid.  I cannot make the time due to commitments.

Afterwork or early morning were unacceptable alternatives.



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Here's what I'm thinking, as we are in the middle of a hire right now:

- Did you explain what the conflict was?  Obviously, if it is revealing of personal information (health, family status or other protected) I can see your reluctance.  But perhaps there is a way to enlighten your interviewer without being overly specific. 

- Is this REALLY a conflict?  Think about it.  If it is a work commitment - such as travel or important meeting - then you should just say that.  "I'd love to come for a 2nd interview, but I have committed to my employer to (travel, lead a meeting or other) on that day. 

Is it a personal appointment that is in conflict?  For instance, in Canada, you almost never break an appointment to see a medical specialist (at the last minute) - you probably already waited 3-6 months to get in!! Having said that, if the job is worth it, I'd still attempt to reschedule the medical appointment as much as my health would allow it.

- Did you find out why they are being rigid?  They might want you to meet an executive who is only there for 1 day.  Happened to me once. Not going to the interview would have cost me the job.  I didn't get it anyway but they told me one other candidate was out for that reason.

When we get our hiring committee together it is for a certain day and time.  If you can't make it, well, there are plenty of other worthy candidates.  We bent the rules once & got a superstar.  So, if your resume makes me think "star", I'll cajole the committee into staying late.  If it doesn't, well, apply again the next time we are hiring.  I know that sounds really harsh but it is the reality in which I get to hire.

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Thanks for replying!

Yes, this is a real conflict, I have an important presentation that day and cannot skip out for 4 hours.  I offered to be there the next day, but the person who would be interviewing me is going on vacation. 

This is a really unfortunate situation, and a profound loss of opportunity for me.  I wrote the VP back and told him how much I deeply regret the situation, but at the same time, I cannot let my own management down particularly during a very crucial period.

I've expressed future availability, but I'm not holding my breath.


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In a way, I'm really glad that you have a professional conflict.  Though I am sorry that it spoils this opportunity for you.  Best of luck on the search.