After a successful phone interview, I've been asked to give a presentation over WebEx via PowerPoint to assess my presentation skills.  I'm told it can be on my current company's product.  I'm wrestling with giving a presentation on the topic requested, or a presentation on some of the topics that came up during our meeting today, especially on the interviewer's company.  I'd be more comfortable in giving the presentation on my current company's products, but think that giving a presentation on the interviewer's industry/product incorporating competitive analysis would reflect better.  It would show initiative, courage, and fearlessness.  What are your thoughts?  Present my products or something new with the customer's products and industry.


Thanks a ton.

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I think presenting on your current products is the safer bet. As long as you don't give away any company secrets or confidences. You know the material intimately and there's no political sensitivities involved on their part. Plus - if that's what they asked for, give it to them.

Doing a presentation about them carries more risk (and as you point out, the potential for more reward). You don't want to get it wrong and have them think "He doesn't understand us at all" or "How dare he assume we haven't thought of that:".

I just think interviews carry so much risk (and stress!) to you already, why add more?

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Using your current company's assets to secure a position somewhere else is wrong and could be dangerous. You have a responsibility as an employee to act in the best interests of the company whether you're at work or representing the company. If you do a presentation using your current company's products, you're using not only their products, you're using their product information and training. I know how I'd feel if one of our employees used one of our products along with the information we shared with them to attempt to obtain a position with another company. As with most companies, we have people come and go, and we pride ourselves on keeping positive relationships with former employees. However, if someone used the presentation thing, it would result in a bridge burned, or worse.

I agree it could be dangerous to use their product for a presentation. They've known their products since they were nothing more than a gleam in someone's eye. It's not realistic you could come up with anything that would be interesting to them, and it would be very easy to go off a cliff.

Pick something else where you have expertise, non work-related. A hobby, volunteer work, other academic subject. As they said, they're evaluating your presentation skills. The subject doesn't matter.