This is Yuvaraj, Actually I am living in Bangaloe, India. I was interviewed (via Skype) by Australian IT company for Data/Analytics consultant job role. After Intrview , I sent a Thank you note to an HR Manager and sent two follow up mail to the same manager (all these mail I have sent between two weeks gap). So far I have not received any update from HR (no Feedback). Do I have any luck on this or no response means rejected?.


Yuvaraj M  


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Hi Yuvaraj!

First congrats on landing the interview. That's awesome. The waiting game after an interview, especially for a job that you're really interested in can be nerve wrecking. The hiring process can take a long time and figuring out how to keep in touch without being a pest is challenging. I do have a few thoughts about this to share.

First, the end of the year, at the least in the United States is a painfully slow time to hire. From my experience in human resources, this is the time of year when people are taking off for the holidays, busy with year-end planning/deadlines or just not motivated to be productive. This slows the hiring process because those involved in the hiring or approval process may be unavailable or hard to track down. 

So my question here is, what did the interviewer or recruiter tell you would be the next steps or timeline? I think finding out this information would be helpful. You may want to ask the recruiter or human resources contact that scheduled the initial interview. If you want to continue to follow up, avoid sending the "I'm just checking in" emails. Those get annoying and ignored. Think of valuable things that you can send like, a link to an article, a solution to a business problem that was discussed in the interview, samples of your work or a letter of recommendation that you received. Send anything that adds value to you as a candidate. I suggest following up once every two weeks or so.

If you haven't heard back by January, with no feedback as to when they will notify you of a decision, I would cease contact and let them follow up with you. In the meantime, keep looking for opportunities and going on interviews. 


Best of luck to you!


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Just local add on to Amandas' post, Australia effectively shuts down for the combined Summer and Christmas holidays from around the second week of December until after Australia Day (26 January). Trying to get decisions, especially hiring ones, from mid November onwards is always much more difficult as people are out of the office, there's no point starting someone to pay them to sit at home for two weeks over Christmas etc.

What you're experiencing Yuvaraj is unfortunately nerve wrackingly normal for this side of the world!