What interpersonal skills training resources (courses, videos, books, websites) would you recommend for a direct report that's been told to work on his "people skills"?

The manager of this employee is not good at giving feedback or coaching, what a shocker. So I realize the manager has a lot of improvement to do as well. However, this employee also needs help.


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Manager Tools ....

I had all of my directs listen to the Feedback Model Podcast.


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Regarding books and videos on the subject - ask Mark. I'm sure he could suggest something to address this issue that would be spot-on!

Outside of one-on-ones and anything else that would take place within the workplace, I [b]highly[/b] recommend you direct this employee to the nearest Toastmasters group. (visit

I have witnessed transformations that would knock your socks off!

Best of luck!


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Of course I [b]highly[/b] recommend M-T!!! :D

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Thanks Allie!

I completely agree about Toastmasters.

It is one of the most under-utilized yet widely available resources I know of. I've seen it be transformational. Sure, it's mostly for speaking, but keep it in the mix of resources for anyone you're working with - most people are terrible at presentations.

Mike and I are developing a suite of casts around interpersonal skills (Thanks again, Allie). My short term recommendation is get them to do a DISC profile, and if you can get others around them to do it, so much the better. The book PeopleSmarts is a good book to help them see how they tick people off.

And then... FEEDBACK. Interpersonal skills are mostly communications behaviors, so give lots of negative feedback there.

This has worked for me a HUNDRED times, if not a thousand.