We are a US based company having its backoffice in India.We would like to expand our recrutiment wing to Singapore and Malaysia.Inorder to fulfill that I have a few queries

1)We don't have an office in both these region. But want to understand if at all we do a permanent placement in this region how do we bill?

2)Can we sign a contract with a company in these regions without an office here?Can we use our registered office in India to ding a contract?

3)Is it possible to hire (on temporary contract) people in this region on US or India pay roll?

4)What are the applicable laws and taxes if we operate from India?

Kindly advise asap.

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G'day Veneetha,

Your questions are less about management and more a request for legal advice. Only a lawyer can give you legal advice. Some people here may be able to tell you about their experience, but whatever the case you need to get actual legal advice from an actual lawyer.

Here in Australia my first point of call would be to AusTrade. That's their entire bread-and-butter and they'll either have an expert on hand that could give me the right answers or they could quickly hook me up with someone that could give me the right answer.

Maybe someone reading this will be in the USA and will know exactly who the local equivilent will be.

Rick Measham

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