This is my first post and I'm relatively new to Manager Tools. I LOVE the structured approach (says the engineer in me). Thank you Micheal and Mark.

This comming week is a big one for me. About a month ago a new position was posted both internall and externally. I threw my name into the hat and am one of three canidates. My resumed probably did 'stink' but I got in. Interviews start next week. There is one other internal candidate and one external. I've been at the company only 1 yr, 9 months. Until recently, it was hard to find anyone at this company with less than 10 years in. The company is attempting to prepare for the mass of retires that will happen in the next 5 years, including but not limited to all the VPs and possibly the Pres/Owner (if he can pull himself out).

I've learned that the new position is effectively designed as one of the sucession plans to the Exec positions that are opening. I've been preparing like mad. One of the podcasts I've listened to intently in my preparations is 'Preparing for YOUR Review'. The 5 questions in the 'Job Description' week seem great for job interview situations as well as a review. Within those questions, I also want to pull out the Boss Goals (from the Managing your Boss podcast). Of course, I need to get the information without dominating the interview.

I feel a bit over-prepared (which is ok) and now I feel like I'm over-thinking the preparations (which is bad). Any thoughts? :)

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Nope. Just don't prepare in the last few hours before your interview. Get ready, get over ready, and then just let go a bit. That will enhance your natural delivery.

It is NORMAL to not do well on the first internal posting experience. See this as a learning situation, and do your best. Whatever happens, you'll be well positioned for the next round.

Knock 'em dead!


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Well, I didn't pass out or throw up during the interview and while I didn't get the job, I did learn some valuable leasons.

During the interview I would often sit back in my chair. Our hr guy later suggested that sitting back can be viewed as equivalent to withdrawing. He suggested that it would be sit forward which give the body languange appearance of engaging.

The interview was a panel interview (about 10 people). The hr guy suggested that when giving answers to guestions, that I attempt to speak to each of the panel members during a portion of each answer. That way I appear to engage with all of the panel members equally and those who ask few questions feel that I actively engage them.

Overall, the act of putting myself into the interview process was view as a very positive action by the panal. It was a good learning experience and I beleive a critical one.

Mark and Mike: Thank You!!! I 'know' I did better because of the way I've applied some of the manager tools idea in my current position. Also, having the manager tools principals as a foundation onto which I put some of the interview discusion was a wonderfull thing. A couple members of the interview panel admitted to hearing management ideas being described as an 'eye opening experience'.