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What are some successful methods to actively engage new peers to influence their performance without alienating them? 



I recently joined a new team within the company that I have worked for the last 5 years.  Soon after I joined the this new group, my peers and I were ask to perform an analysis and present monthly on our findings on a subset of the larger business unit to help the entire staff understand it and what we are doing to manage the results.  

After presenting to the entire staff, it was clear that my presentation was much better than my peers' analysis and presentation.  I received many points of positive feedback that reinforced this observation from the new group's leadership team.  The second time that we presented (an update to the first presentation), the result of the team was very similar (my presentation stood out among the rest and I got lots of positive feedback).  

Recently my manager has challenged me to raise the level of performance among my peers by influencing them on how to improve their analytical and presentation skills, specifically on this analysis.  I'm unsure on how to do this without alienating my new peers.  To do this correctly, my peers should not feel that I am preaching to them or that I am trying to push my method onto them.  


Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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If the manager has challenged you to raise your peers' performance level, your manager should also challenge your peers to improve their performance. This sounds like an opportunity for your manager to coach your peers and use you as a resource to help them get better at their analyses and presentations.

Of course, I don't presume your manager is a Manager Tools manager, so your instructions to help your team perform better were probably vague. Perhaps you could suggest the coaching/resource framework to your manager, so your peers don't think you're preaching or pushing?

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