Let me preface this by saying I'm using Cedric's techniques with great success.

But I just shot myself in the foot with a different Outlook function...

I wanted to invite my boss to our weekly department meeting because he is cooking up something that he hasn't allowed me to tell my staff yet. He said he would announce it tomorrow, and tomorrow is the meeting, so I thought he might want to do it then.

So I added his name to tomorrow's meeting, and wrote a message. Outlook gave me the option to update only the people I added.


D'OH... kicking self...

Note to self: Don't trust Outlook...

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Ouch! Have you told your boss yet?

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Er... no...

I didn't get into specifics, just referenced an "announcement"... Some people were already suspicious anyway that something is up, what with an uptick in closed-door meetings and such.

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Oh. That doesn't sound so bad then. :)