Anyone in the Indianapolis, Indiana area interested in getting together for a meetup?  I tried this a few years back, but I do not believe anyone responded at that time.


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 I would love to!

Thoughts on where and when? 

I am in if there are seeds for this.

Scott T

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 Revive this post!

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I was just jumping on the forums to post the same topic.  Let's get together!

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 Looking to get an Indy meet-up scheduled by winter. I'm thinking a small dinner group for the first one. Email me at [email protected] if you'd like to take part.

Sample agenda:

5:00 Introductions - Cocktails and appetizers

5:15 Which manager tool has been the most helpful to you? - Order dinner

5:45 What challenge/goal are you currently pursuing? - Dinner served

6:15 Any local groups we might be interested in joining?

6:45 End meeting