I'm looking for general tips on implementing quarterly performance reviews.

My company does annual performance reviews on employees' corporate birthday as a general practice.

Any tips on informing my employees and my boss of my "non-standard" practice? I get a sense that this may generate some questions.

I'm also interested in other general tips on this topic. From the review casts, I gather that several of the annual steps are skipped for quarterlies. I also gather that the quarterly review is delivered in an extra long one on one.


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You don't have to do it in a one on one. Our recommendations here are pretty simple. The first time, go through the process as if it WERE the annual, without asking for the self eval.

Just modify the normal communications for the annual for a quarterly. I wouldn't think letting your boss know is all that big a deal. If it is, tell me what his/her objections would be.


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Got it.

Thanks for the tips.

I've noticed lately that more D and less S and C would serve me and my folks better. In this case, just do it . . .