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I've just finished reading GTD for the second time.  I know you guys are fans, and I'm a huge fan of both it and MT.  

David Allen is very specific when he says you can't dictate other people's organizational habits.  But if I'm running a team and I see people aren't taking notes, aren't emptying their in-baskets, and just overall aren't doing the GTD system--and it's causing issues--what would you suggest I do?  Must this be left for coaching?  I'm just starting to role out the trinity, which doesn't allow for coaching at the beginning, but the potential gains for efficiency from having the whole team implement GTD seem to be huge.

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Print out the GTD flow chart and tape it up in a visible area.

Insist that your team places things in your inbox (on 8.5 x 11 papers for hand-written notes).

I'm one of four managers, none of whom had inboxes before I got mine. They kept seeing how clear my area was, I made sure our boss happened to notice it too, and the rest was him. It's contagious; you won't need feedback once they see how easy you make it look.

At least, that's my experience.