So I'm a high I-high D. My team is two High- C data analysts. I love my company and I love what we do. It is, in a word, AWESOME. I realized yesterday that I've been "I-ing" my team to death.


The Story:

We got a new project yesterday and it's really challenging.

Me: Hey guys! Guess what! I've got an exciting new opportunity for us!  Come on! Let me tell you about it!

My team looks up politely.

We go to a white board and I draw out what we're aiming for, talking a mile-a-minute. I notice they're nodding attentively and studying the whiteboard, but looking at me out of the corners of their eyes. We finish our discussion and they go off together talking intently about the project.

Me (to myself): Okay, the collaboration is good, but I wish they were more enthusiastic. It was like I was scaring them...wait a minute...Doh! I blew it! I *KNOW* they're high-Cs.

Fast forward to this morning.

Me: <quietly> Hi guys. I've got some more information from our customer for our project. It'll change the direction a bit, but allow us to deliver better information faster.

I speak quietly and, as much as is possible for me, I keep from gesticulating. They ask questions about our approach and presentation. We finish our discussion and we go back to our desks.

Me (to myself): Wow. They really got it this time. They're really engaged. What great ideas. They're so smart. I'm so glad they're my team.


Live, learn, and try again tomorrow...