Following a takeover of our company last year I took up a new management position. The structure of the company remains generally unaltered, however my immediate boss has changed. It is someone who has always been a superior and someone I respect. I would describe him as a good boss and we have a good relationship.

My boss has 4 key directs, of which I am one. Of the other 3, one direct has had their review, the other 2 have had confirmed dates for their reviews for a number of weeks.

While not chasing my boss on it, I have queried him on details of the process a number of times. On each occasion he has opened his diary to agree a date and time, and on each occasion he has stopped short of committing, asking if he can get back to me with a date. Then subsequently failed to do so.

I now intend to drop the subject with him. I am not anticipating bad news of any kind and I know I have performed well this year (having completed my own review the MT way!).

What might cause my boss to stall like this, and is the best approach to just let it go?

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My guess would be that there's nothing suspicious in the delay.

Perhaps he's just got lots of things to do, and your review isn't top of the list. If you're doing well, arguably why would it be? [That is, if he doesn't realise that investing more time in top performers is the way to go.]

What is the normal timing of reviews in your company? Are they all done at once, or do you have some other system? Maybe he's just trying to stagger them out a little.

I'm pretty sure there's a podcast out there that describes how to ask for structured feedback from your boss, but unfortunately I can't find it. Maybe someone else can. Personally, I think that if doing annual reviews is the accepted norm within your company, I'd continue to mention it every now and then - keep it light-hearted, rather than nagging, and don't mention it every day, but just remind him occasionally. You may also want to stress that you value his input, and that even a short meeting and a not too detailed review would be very welcome.

My suggestions are routed in the fact that I'm a fairly high-C manager with too much to do. I want my reviews to be close to perfect, and as such tend to put off delivering them, because I don't have the time to get them right.

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Facts: New boss, post takeover, first time review of your performance.

Of the four key directs someone had to be last to get on the schedule. Don't sweat it or waste time speculating why.

Keep delivering results. You seem confident in your performance and the relationship. Keep up the good work.

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I think your reponses are right on the mark. My boss certainly has a lot on his plate. I guess that after my first year in the job, and one that I consider good, I'm keen to hear it confirmed officially. When the review comes I'll be sure to ask my boss what I can do to help him out!