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I followed all of the steps in the Interviewing Series and I just got my offer!

Whooo hooo!

Thanks Mark for your awesome advice. I felt so ready for anything.

The hiring manager said the interview debriefs were all impressive and very consistent no matter who I had interviewed with.

I locked myself in a room for two straight days to catalog all of my accomplishments. I wrote out 5 accomplishment answers using your structure. Then I practiced using an audio recorder. My girlfriend attempted to video tape me, but my video recorder was busted.

Handwritten thank you cards were sent after all phone and in-person interviews.

I didn't ask about salary or any benefits until I got the offer. The offer was more than I thought!

Next Steps:
1. Send thank you cards again.
2. Read "Insights for the Journey" by John Lucht.
3. Read "The New Leaders 100-Day Action Plan" by George Bradt.

:D :lol:

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All strategies rely on execution - well done!


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Notes like these are why we do this, folks. The credit goes to the one in the ring...but Mike and I are your biggest fans.



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Congrats Jon, that is awesome!

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Way to go Jon. What position was this for?

Keep us informed about your 100 day plan.

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Well done Jon! The interview tool takes a lot of work and it looks like you did a great job spending the time needed to do a fantastic job.


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I got an offer for a great job and I am accepting today!

The Manager-Tools site is the best I have found. Using the Interview podcasts has given me the courage I needed to get my foot in the door. I am going to miss the interviewing - not!

I'm ready for my next step. I'll check out the first 100-days book since that was my next question. Now that I got the job; what do I do? Read the book.

I honestly thought I was good before with a few little flaws but after spending time on this site I realized how much better I can be. So much to learn; can't wait!

Thank you,
Kevin Sweeney

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Congratulations Kevin!

Mark and Mike gave you the tools, but you put them to work.

I think M&M will come out with "first 90 days" podcast this year.

I'm reading Watkins First 90 Days, Bradt's 100 Day, Lucht's Insights for the Journey. They have some useful tips, but nothing as practical and specific as Manager Tools.

Here are my next steps in the first 60 days from the podcasts "Jumpstarting Internal Customer Relationships" and "Managing Your Boss."

1. Send handwritten thank you notes to everyone who interviewed me. Include the admin. Done.

2. Fit in. Fit in. Fit in.

3. Conduct 30 minute interviews of internal customers. Ask them what they need from me, how my org. is doing, and what guidance they have for me/role, team.

4. Get to know my boss. What are the goals his boss expects him to achieve? What does he want my role to achieve in the next 90 days? What is his schedule like? What are his standing meetings? When is he busiest? Who are the key people in my boss's work life? What is his communication style preferences? How does he run meetings?

5. Ask for a 90 day performance review.


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That is excellent advice. I have listened to Internal Customer and Creating an Urgency and looking forward to the O3's.

Is there a podcast for being nervous?


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When do you give your notice?

I have accepted the offer and in the process of getting things cleaned up at my current work. Do I give my notice before or after I pass the physical? I feel fine but a former collegue went thru this and found out she has a serious illness and since she gave her notice she was also without a job.

Luckily, everything came out OK but I was wondering about timing. Need time to get things ready here and move out of state and get things setup there.


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I would think you would give your notice when you formally have the offer, ie, after you pass the physical.

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While it is rare that you would fail the physical, as in the unfortunate case of your former colleague, it would be doubly unfortunate to be both unemployed and very ill.

Were it me, I would wait to pass the physical and extend my start date (if possible and a good employer should permit this) to allow time to do a good transition at my departing company.

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Until you've got something, you've got nothing. If a physical is required before you're offered the job, you don't have the job.

Don't give notice until you have an offer.

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A physical is not required and I have accepted and given my notice. Just in case I had my doctor give me a physical and I am the picture of good health.

I would not have gotten this far is it wasn't for Manager Tools. Proof: interviewed for over a year before joining Manager-Tools. Four months after joining I land a great job.

I was making mistakes that I did not know and the interview series pointed them out.

Thank you Mike and Mark!

Kevin Sweeney

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Congratulations Kevin!

We look forward to stories and questions from the new job!