I am looking for some feedback on my resume.

I have been a listener for a year now (granted not that long) and I have gone through the Resume Workbook and podcasts. This structure is very different for me in an area that is not my strong suit. I know this needs to be my best work and I just feel like it is not there.

Specifically I want to know if I have successfully conveyed the scope of my work, is the data I have provided as accomplishment is quantified enough, and have I shown one accomplishment that demonstrates the achievement of the aim of the role. Plus I am currently going back to school; should that me on the resume? I feel that is it very important to show my desire to right this (granted self-perceived) wrong.

If anyone is willing to spend some time reviewing and providing some feedback on my resume please send me a private message with your email address and I will forward my resume on.

Thank you in advance,

-          Jason