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                I stumbled upon this podcast looking for while I was looking for some information on how to talk with my managers. I went through a lot of podcasts to be surprised about the amount of great information, and the format in which its presented. Shortly after listening to the podcasts and taking the advice of my wife I started taking some manager classes I started understanding what was being said on the podcasts, and I was communicating more effectively with my managers.
                 I was not getting many hits off of my resume so I subscribed to the interview service and within 2 months I have had more interviews than the past 10 years. The HR recruiters are honestly excited about my resume.
                Because of the success I have seen I have also suggested this podcast to others, In hopes they will also benefit from the information presented.
Updated 6/5/2012
                 With my new position 50% of my time I am in a managerial position, and the rest I am a lead engineer. All I did was apply the manager tools podcast skills.
Timothy Schow

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Thanks for your kind comments, Timothy.

We're glad you're benefiting, and it's a privilege to serve you.