As part of my recruiting, in addition to my own networking, I've been dealing so far with one recruiter.

We'd like to see more resumes. Consequently, I'd like to get more recruiters involved.

Any advice on managing a number of recruiters supplying resumes for a single job?

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Hi Greg,

Do you have an agreement with this recruiter? Oftentimes they will tie you in to a better rate based on having the job exclusively.

Has the recruiter you have told you why you havn't got many resumes? I'd ask that first, because dealing with one person is easier than dealing with half a dozen if you don't have HR or someone else to be the buffer. If they tell you it's a difficult market or you arn't paying enough, you need to listen to that advice, but also make sure it reflects your experience. After all they are usually on a bonus based on salary so it's in their interest to bump it! I often use a trial on Monster to have a quick look at the numbers of CVs that come up in an area or around a particular skill set as a second check.

If you do want to go outside, then it's just a case of briefing more people. I'd try and set some parameters around submission and feedback to keep them from pestering me. For example: this is the spec and how much I'm willing to pay. I am willing to look at other CVs outside this remit, but we are unlikely to move pay scales apart from for a stellar candidate. If you do have anything you particularly want to draw my attention to, please put in an email rather than calling me in the first instance. I will give feedback at COB on thursday of this week and Wednesday of next as this is when I'll have had some time to review the CVs and to make calls back to you.

You do want a relationship - but one where you are in charge!

I hope that's useful, happy to continue if you have more questions.


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Great advice, as usual!

You're advice is mostly consistent with what I've done. Though the settings of communication expectations at the start of the relationship is something I hadn't thought of.

I'm not sure I want to deal with a resume flood from Monster, or Dice, yet. I'd rather explore my own network and work with recruiters that I know (from my own job searches)

By the way, you've probably noticed, that while I didn't get the mgmt job I interviewed for, I have been asking for, and getting, delegated tasks that are really interesting to me and will help my career.

For that, I have you and the rest of the forum contributors to thank.

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It can be frustrating to feel like you aren't there yet...but it's way easier to deal with when it leads to the development you need to GET there.

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the new challenges!

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I'm glad it was useful. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear on the Monster thing. You can search their database of CVs by keywords - they call it a test drive. (Click on employers then resumes and then take a test drive). They don't give you all the information, but they do show you how many CVs there are with that keyword, in a geographic area and give you a summary of the CVs.

That way, when a recruiter says we've only got 5 people with that skill on our database, it's really rare, you can say oh really, the information I have is that there's quite a lot.

There's lots of reasons why this isn't very accurate, but it is enough to go on.

I had noticed that you have been volunteering for some new tasks, and I'm sure your company has noticed what a postitive way you've dealt with this setback.

However, having 'interviewed' you, I expected nothing less! You are a great manager, and you'll shine where-ever you are.