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I'm hoping someone might have actionable advice for me on this issue.  I (F, mid 30s) lead a team in a completely male dominated industry and sub section and have for the past 4 years. I've been in this department for 8 years, and in a company with 30+ global offices remain the only woman on the global team (I say this only to point out - I know my department and I know what I'm talking about with regards to my subject matter).  Recently, our company purchased a major competitor and merged offices. Since then, I've been consistently talked over in every internal and external meeting we have had between offices and with customers.  I have tried to politely wait, assuming they did not realize what they were doing - didn't help.  I have tried to nicely point this out internally one on one - made no difference.  I'm at a loss on how to proceed with addressing this in a professional way.

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You said as a manager, then talking meetings between offices and with customers. It depends. It's tough with customers. Otherwise it seems it would depend on whether these are your directs or superiors who are talking over you. Either way I'd suggest you sit down and speak with them about it. If they're your directs you can just tell them not to do it. If they're your superiors just tell them you'd rather not see them do it. Same basic message.

Things can get crazy after a merger. The new folks are scrambling for position.

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One of the hard rules my manager has is "one meeting at a time."  When people begin to have sidebars, he will stop the conversation and ask everything be redirected.  This ensures everyone can hear what's being said clearly and no one misses anything.

You could use something like this when people start this.  Start the meeting with a reminder of the rule.  If someone starts to speak over you, you can stop them dead with a reminder of this, then finish your thought.  You may get a couple frown at first, but once people get used to it, it shouldn't be an issue going forward.