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I haven't heard this mentioned in a podcast. I work in healthcare and it's common for some employees to work part time or have a side gig that's per diem. I just got my first management position. Some of the clinicians are not full time, and some of them only work on weekends. How do one on ones work in this instance? Should I only be focusing on the full time employees? It would be difficult to reach the staff who only work weekends, but if they work only 1-2 days during the week and this is not their primary employment, it seems very time consuming to have one on ones with them. I understand the purpose of them is to build trust and rapport and it was mentioned doing them less frequently than once a week is not effective, so that means either every other time these employees come in the facility I'm doing a one on one with them, or I'm doing something that's not very effective and I don't really like either of these options. Advice?

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As I recall, the data Mark and Mike shared through one podcast was, in short:

Weekly is best.  Every other week (half the time) is somewhat less than half as effective.  Monthly is worse than not doing them at all!

Definitely get your full-timers!  Then, some sort of touch every week or every other week for everyone else, starting with the 'most important' or 'most convenient', whatever fits.  My guess is it's tempting (and unwise!) to do a 'short OOO' leaving off emphasis on future development -- the OOO is part of how the direct and "the organization" (you) stay synched up -- so prefer every-other-week to weekly-but-half-length with the non-full-timers.  Probably bears experimentation, and/or experience reports from other managers here ....

Good luck!

-- Joseph