I have a group of directs, all women in their twenties, and all have made comments that they feel I give too much feedback.  They are a good team and I am not sure if I truly am giving too much feedback or if they are simply just being sensitive.  I tracked my FB the last 6 months and gave approximately 130-150 bits of feedback to each employee.  TThat ends up being 6 pieces of feedback per week to each employee if there are 150, or about 1 per day.  From listening to all the casts over the years, I got the notion it was pretty much impossible to give too much feedback and that as as manager if you ever thought you were giving too much, you were probably wrong and really not giving enough.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Anything I can do so the staff doesn't resist as much?  I also know about 80%-90% of it is positive from tracking it.  I have been giving feedback for 2-3 years.

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 My first question is "Are you getting/tracking the results from the Feedback? "



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Are asking them if they are open to the feedback prior to delivering it? I received better results when they chose to receive it. You can address any heavy resistance during O3's.

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If you are asking tem "May I give you some feedback" why are they then complaining about the amount?
Are you getting the pushback from all of them or just a few?
Are they compliant and willing to change when you mention negative fb?
This would be something to cover in O3's to convey your intent.
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Yes, I always ask if they want to hear it.  I have heard from them that they feel they must say yes even though I have told them numerous times they can say no if they do not want to hear it or are not in a frame of mind to hear it.  Occassionally people will say no.  I do get the results I am looking for, most of the time, by giving the feedback.  They do change. So I suppose that's my answer there, if people are improving and the company is getting the results it needs, it's worth it.  I worry that people aren't happy however, as they tell me all this feedback makes them unhappy.  I don't want to sound ageist or sexist, and hopefully it helps that I'm a 32 year old female myself saying this, but I wonder if the fact they are all younger females makes a difference, if perhaps they are more sensitive than others might be.  I do my best to deliver feedback in as non-threatening a way as possible, smile, etc., although I know I can certainly improve on this.  I always follow the feedback model exactly, although at this point I generally do the "alternate" step 4 where I just say "can you do that better next time?"  instead of asking the employee "what can you do differently next time?"  I prefer the alternative method at this point because I have worked with my team for so long and I feel that way works fine.