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I have already seen a podcast on the dangerous of managing a High I.

Very valuable.

What I wanted to ask is what are the dangers and issues or advantages when a High D has a High C as a direct and vice versa.

Which combinations of Boss vs Direct reports are the best based on the DISC model?

Perhaps we could go thorugh all the combinations of DISC styles and what happens when these people have a BOSS and direct relationship in the corporation.

That would be a total of 16 combinations!

My suggestion for the future podcasts.





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And we will.  They'll be coming out over the next year or two.


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 Listened to these again last night. Hall of fame casts for me. Looking forward to the others. 

PS - working on my boss to fund attendance at ECC in Chicago next month. (I'm high D/C who needs to work on my people skills - imagine)

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As soon as the podcasts were available I bought them!!

I sat there scratching my head and seeing all the problems that existed when communicating at work.

I wish I had these podcasts when I was younger!

You guys deliver a ton of value and I am glad to be a part of this forum.


I am glad the Manager Tools created Effective Communication. Since listening to the podcasts I have began to slowly implement the ideas and approaches when interacting with people at work.  Although  some relationships can't be salvaged anymore,  I have lots to learn.

Not only is this improving at work but I can also see the differences with my friends/ family and everything around. 

I appreciate communication and their power even more now.

I have also considered going to the Conference for Effective Communication.

Any chance of that conference to come to Raleigh , NC ?





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I just got approval to DISC test a number of my team. This is already helping those of us who know our profiles. Thanks Mark & Mike for these wonderful tools. 

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I also bought the new series and like the details they provide.

My question is how to use DISC with colleagues/peers - should you treat them as suggested you would your boss as you have no authority over them or as suggested with subordinates because you get results through them?

P.S. I recommend people interested in DISC to read the whitepaper from Inscape publishing ( link ) as this may make it easier to assess other peoples DISC profiles...



Lars Axelsen, Denmark

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 I took my Disc profile about 3 years a ago.  Is there utility in taking it again or is it unlikely to have changed in this short period of time?