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Dear all,

Thanks to Manager Tools Team (Mark & Mike, Dani & Wendii, others), I got a job with high management opportunity. I used all tips in the casts during the recruitment process and voilaa I got the job.

I work in a non-profit organization. My job is to supervise various projects which are funded by my organization.They are located in various areas (about 5 locations). Each project has a team leader who is also a community leader and will likely be older than me. Officially, I am not their boss but I do have the obligations to remind them to follow the organizational procedures and to increase the capacities. I cannot fire any of them but I can give recommendations about their performance.

I also have 2 directs that work with me in the same office.

It scares me because in my previous jobs I was an individual contributor. I used to give highly regarded recommendations to my coworkers, supervisors, and others and that was one of the reasons I got the job. However, it is a much larger scale of job. I felt like I got two promotions.

Please give me suggestions on how to start my work, especially about managing and training people much older and me.