Greetings all.  Are there any existing podcasts to know when to expand your team?  I suspect that most managers, most of the time, feel that more resources are needed on their team.  Typically, the real answer though is continued delegation right?  With that said, there are times where there is a true need to expand a team.  How can I know when that is?  And further, how do effective leaders clearly communicate it?

Hoping there's an MT podcast, or a book recommendation out there...  :-)

Thanks Mark and Mike for all you do!

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The rule of thumb I apply is I ask for more staff when I can't find any other way to do the work that *needs* to be done with the staff I have.  By preference, I'd like to have a budget and the ability to choose when I hire more people based on my budget, but my organisation isn't that organised yet.  Instead, I just look at the work that needs to be done, and try to think up ways to do it more efficiently, or perhaps not do it at all.  When I've done all I can there, then it's time to make the case that I need another person.  By that stage it's usually pretty easy, as I just need to enumerate what the new person would be doing, what sort of skills/experience I need, and how much I want to pay them, and I get approval.

I know this isn't particularly specific or actionable, but it's a broad topic, and I'm not a guru like M&M.