What is the best way to make a sales team aware of a software solution NOT working as planned while still keeping them focused on the bigger picture and keeping them motivated?

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 Great question!


I sell large technology-based learning to Fortune 100 clients (learning platforms, virtual reality environment, eLearning), so I'm always dependent on technologists making the things I sell work....

With that background, I think the most important case you can make to your sales team is that in the end, the client will be happy, and the software will do what the client wants it to do.  Do you have some tools you can use with them - case studies, client testimonials, a conference call with a happy client who experienced some bumps along the way?

This approach is based on my belief that there's ALWAYS going to be bugs, problems, glitches.  Trying to convince people (salespeople AND customers!) otherwise seems tome to be a fool's errand.


So yahtzee - my two cents is that "the bigger picture" that you want to keep the team focused on is:

  • What you're selling does what the client is looking for...
  • When there are problems (and there always are), our company stands behind it, and stays with the customer until they're solved...


And you support those two points with everything you have that you can throw at them, like testimonials, etc.


Good luck!

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 Thanks....I had crafted a prelim draft message to my team prior to posting this and my main message was that in the past there hasnt been one particular product or solution that has made us what we are today - it has always been the people and how the company operates.

The main issue is that the software isnt performing as anticipated and we are finding this out after 4-5 months of pre-selling and demonstrating the app from 30k feet.  Now our rep is on the line and we are waiting for the developers to fix the issues.  Appreciate the reply!