I have several question related to my current situation, and I'm a sky-High 'C', so please bear. 

I'm in a term position which ends in 2.5 weeks. The permanent just resigned and although my boss wants to make me the permanent, her boss wants to post, internally and externally, to see who may be interested. (The posting should open next Friday). Two other positions at the same level, but different fields of responsibility. (The posting for one closes next Friday, the other may not  be posted for a few weeks.) Although there's no real internal competition for my current position there could be some strong externals. I have no significant expertise in the areas the other two openings, but am good at managing people, and others have gotten these positions equally little expertise. The area I currently oversee, as does my permanent position, work hand in hand with one of the others though; use the same systems and I have good working relationships with the staff there.

I'm considered an expert in my field, but staying in it could hinder any further advancement, as I may be viewed as a one-trick-pony, however good. The other positions provide the opportunity change that perception.  

Here come the questions:

1. Could I do more harm than good to my odds of getting any of the spots, and career, by applying for all three?

2. What happens if I apply for more than one, and am the successful candidate prior to interviewing for the other(s)?

3. References: it recently became policy to request and check 3 references when hiring. I don't know if it applies internally. If it does I have a problem. I've only had 2 immediate bosses in the organization, one of whom oversees two of the positions I'm considering (and the one I'm currently filling). The other, well, we have some personality conflict and I don't foresee getting a truly positive reference. How would I handle references? How likely is it that they'll just review Performance Evaluations?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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 Well, I've just narrowed the field. The postings are all out now: the term position I currently fill (overseeing programming); and the one my area works closely with (overseeing sales and client service). Both report to my current boss and almost look tailored to me (the one for my present post includes a qualification I've had, but let lapse,  that no one meeting the other qualifications is likely to have, and few will have them all). The sales and service spot however, pays roughly 15% less.

I'm not all about the money, but can foresee a situation where I get the sales and service position and the person who comes closest meeting the qualifications for the program position getting that. That way I'd be on hand to provide support and training for the program person, while the organization gets someone internal, capable and committed that's qualified for the other. (The staff in sales and service have been well trained on the nuts and bolts aspect of their jobs, as the outgoing director excelled in this area. However, his people and leadership skills were minimal. Despite being a High 'C', leadership/people skills are one of my strong points (I've worked hard to develop my 'I').  Another factor is the high turnover at the this location, which staff and clients regularly express concern about. 

So, I'm not inclined to create a situation where everybody's wins, but me least of all. I've paid my share of dues, even sticking around after being denied a promotion that would've resulted in a 5-figure increase because I "serve the (organization) best in (my) current position at the flagship location" at a time when the senior mgmt. there had just changed. (Admittedly, my High 'C' behaviour was undoubtedly a factor, but I've come a long way since then.)